Retail Services
Retail Services

Whether it's that cabinet door that's sticking, wood work that needs to be replaced, or simply a little preventative maintenance - We service several retail stores throughout Lincoln and in surrounding towns.

Caulking Caulking

The function of caulking is to provide thermal insulation, control water penetration and noise mitigation.

Ceiling Tile Ceiling Tile

Ceiling tile – also referred to as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling – provides an affordable, highly customizable, and easy to maintain solution for your retail space. Call HandyMark for an estimate.

Hardware Hardware

Everyday wear and tear can take its toll – from loose screws to squeaky wheels. Let HandyMark keep your business running safely and smoothly.

Lightbulbs Lightbulbs

Don't feel like dragging out the ladder every time a bulb burns out? Be safe and let HandyMark keep your space well lit and looking great!

Painting Painting

Quick, clean and professional – HandyMark has the experience and expertise to make your next paint job look amazing!

Power Washing Power Washing

Let HandyMark help maintain and enhance the exterior of your space with our professional power washing service.

Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs and replacements. Let HandyMark help to extend the life of your assets.

Tile Tile

Available in a wide variety of styles, tile is prized for it's beauty and durability. Whatever your needs, HandyMark can help.


When properly installed, vinyl composition tile is highly durable and can serve your business well for years. Call HandyMark for an estimate today!

Woodwork Woodwork

From repairs to construction – let HandyMark help you make the most of your space.